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Nour Profile


A company that is pioneering the electrical manufacturing industry in Syria, we at Nour Electrical Industries are proud of our nationalistic roots. Founded in the Syrian Arab Republic in 1986, we have collected the licenses and rights to the best and most well known Italian companies in the industry, and have primed ourselves as the standard setters in the industry. Our hard work over more than 20 years have paid off, and now we are one of the most prestigious names in the field.
With a wide range of products, our focus has been on electrical switches, socket outlets, plugs, surface mounting enclosures, and our wide range of plastic, metal, wood and leather plates in a variety of models and colors, as well as several electrical accessories required for domestic wiring systems. All our products are licensed and certified, and pass all international safety and quality standards, such as:
- The Industrial Researches Institute (IRI) in Lebanon.
- Syrian arab Standards and Metrology organization (SASMO).
- Saudi Arabian Standards Organization (SASO).
- Organization of Standards and Metrology of Kuwait.
- Slovenian Institute of Quality and Metrology (SIQ).  
We have acquired all these different certifications since we at Nour spare no effort at ensuring our quality, from importing our core raw materials from reputable worldwide companies in Europe and Asia, to ensuring that the electrical contact points used in the brass components are made of silver and tin oxide alloys, considered the latest technology in the field. No detail is too small to safeguard your security and pleasure with our products.
As more competitors come into the market, we at Nour Electrical Industries have risen to their challenge, and best anyone who would stand in our way. To achieve this, we monitor our production sites, submitting them to the strictest inspection, checking our products during every step of the production, then, once it has been purchased, we continue to offer the best in after-sale services, with a free warranty on all our products. This alone has made us a force to be reckoned with in the local and regional markets, establishing a firm presence in all the countries we export to, including Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, and Egypt, among many others.
Our obvious care after our products has garnered us extreme customer loyalty, with much return business for customers building new projects, and referrals to friends and fellow electrical professionals who have heard about our top-of-the-line products and services. More than anything else, it is for these faithful and future friends of the company that we work so hard to maintain our credibility in the field and the quality of our production.  


From our inception in 1986 till today, we at Nour Electrical Industries have recognized the value of those who work for us, seeing them as humans rather than human resources, and therefore connecting with them at this level, and encouraging a relationship based on the strongest respect and familiarity with our employees. We have cultivated the talent of our work base by communicating with them clearly, educating them on all aspects of the business, and dedicating maximum resources to their care and well-being. Through programs like these, our engineers, product installers, salespeople, and administrators, among others, have improved their core skills and gain new ones to keep their competitive edge, which translates to better service for the end customer.
To ensure that our employees make the best of their continued learning, we ensure that they are constantly evaluated and have all necessary certifications to backup our expectations of excellent qualities. By maintaining our staff and offering them long careers in our company, we have been able to make full use of their growing experiences and business know-how. Finally, with an up-to-date modern laboratory that keeps in touch with all developing trends in the business, our highly specialized staff has access to all the tools necessary to produce the best quality components, assemble them according to our careful qualitative controls, submit them to safety and operation tests, and ensure that only the best in electrical products and components roll out of our storage areas and sales floors. 

Proprietary Design:

At Nour Electrical Industries, design is the essence of quality, and controls all efforts put into technological innovation, the direction we offer our staff in their continued training and skill development, the professionalism of our image, and our knowledge in all the creative trends. You can observe the great care we put into our designs by the attention we give to the most minute of technical details, and our intimate knowledge of all possible innovations that can be used by any one model. The result is a gestalt borne out of the best in aesthetics and functionality; from the moment our installers finish their work on your new switch, socket, or electrical accessory, the difference in practicality, reliability, and robustness will show you how far we have come in the power of creation.

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